The participant and upon satisfactory course completion will receive a certificate that indicate his name, course title , location, date and the corresponding CEUs/PDHs , Urban Reform (URC) & Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Logos with signature of URC President & the course Instructor.

The evaluation for satisfactory course completion based on the criteria of:

  • Registration completed.
  •  Participation in course sessions.
  •   Participation in discussion forums.
  •  Completed Assignments (Individual and Groups)
  • Examinations and tests.
  • Show understanding and applicability of  course materials and  curriculum

One completed there will be feedback that will include:

  •  Details on course objectives and applicability in professional settings
  • Clear introduction of the training program
  •  Date on which the participants took the training
  • Location where the training was held along with the purpose of the training
  • Name of the trainer
  •  Name of the person participating in the evaluation process
  • Clear instructions about how to respond to each question
  • Series of questions related to the training program
  • Suggestion or comments box at the end of the form