Urban Reform Consultant (URC) provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of transportation planning and engineering. Our experience is based on large and small scale multi-modal projects, involving multiple disciplines in the maritime, aviation, transit, automobile and vulnerable road users sectors.

Extensive local and international experience with the Public and Private Sector in the following: Transportation Impact Assessments (TIS) Transportation Engineering, Traffic Modelling, Master Transportation Planning (Phase 1-4 in an Environment Assessments), Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) Engineering Design, and Road Safety (Vision Zero).


Urban Reform Consultant (URC) provides structural engineering services from conceptual, preliminary, and final engineer design for aviation, marine, transportation Structures.

The buildings we perform well throughout their lifetime and make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Our strengths is in Condition Assessment, rehabilitation, Bridges and Culverts, Retaining Walls, building structures.

Our knowledge of project planning, obtaining approvals and working with regulators and stakeholders helps our clients to move projects from the initial plan to completion.


At Urban Reform Consultant (URC), we all strive to push the boundaries of planning our civilization. From conducting Planning Rational for private developments, to conducting master planning through Precinct Plans, Secondary Plans, and Official Plans.

Urban Reform Consultant URC is clear about its firm mission: To create safe, beautiful, sustainable, diverse urban and rural environments.


An environmental permit is a prerequisite for most development projects. The Urban Reform Consultant (URC) team has extensive experience with all relevant authorities in our operational markets. Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) varies in depth and scope depending on the project scale and type, as well as the sensitivity of the project site and area of impact. With full in-house capabilities for baseline testing, ecology surveying, environmental modeling, GIS mapping, and reporting, Urban Reform Consultant (URC) offers a comprehensive and holistic service which guarantees the smooth and streamlined implementation of any project.

The objectives of ESA are to identify environmental impacts associated with a property and, if present, to characterize and delineate these impacts. Information and data generated during the ESA can then be used to develop remedial plans and related cost estimates. Completion of a Phase I ESA and/or a Phase II ESA can be required for numerous reasons including refinancing, pre-acquisition, pre-divestiture, compliance, and as support for a Record of Site Condition (RSC) required as part of a rezoning or development application. Urban Reform Consultant (URC) follows recognized CSA and Ontario Regulation 153/04 requirements for conducting Phase I and Phase II ESAs.