Hydrogeological Study

Urban Reform Consultant provides a complete Hydrogeological Study with different level of details and methodologies depending upon project scale and the study objectives. The study in general will include groundwater monitoring results, to assess the impacts of abstraction over the life of the operation.

The assessment of potential development impacts may include, but is not limited to the following potential impacts:

  • Changes to water table elevation (including seasonal fluctuations)
  • Changes in groundwater flow direction.
  • Reduction to infiltration/recharge/discharge rates and volumes on varying time scales.
  • Impacts on water quality.
  • Impacts to nearby receiving surface waters (wetlands, watercourses or other significant.
  • Impacts to environmental features.

Our Scope of work may include, but is not limited to the following description:

  • Background review of previous similar investigation reports and any available published hydrogeological reports, trustable records and geological mapping.
  • Review of geological and hydrogeological conditions present at the boreholes on the Site.
  • Groundwater level monitoring and interpreted groundwater flow directions and gradients.
  • Hydraulic conductivity tests.
  • Groundwater quality tests.
  • Assessment of a site-specific annual water balance that considers the pre-existing and post development.
  • Identify anticipated if any dewatering requirements that may be necessary during construction or even at the long-term operation.
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