Soil Management Plan (SMP)

Urban Reform Consultant provides a guideline report for the management of excess, excavated materials generated during construction. The objective of this SMP is to provide a framework for the management of excess, excavated soil. This includes evaluating the potential for reuse of excavated soil onsite, where applicable, and options for off-site transport and disposal of excess material. This applies to both material considered to be contaminated or non-contaminated with respect to the site condition.

Our report clarify mainly the options for management of different classes of excavated soil material:

  • Soil can be classified as a clean (inert) fill and is suitable for reuse on-site or transported off-site without restriction and used as clean fill.
  • Soil can be re-used on the site. If not re-used onsite, this material can be re-used at an appropriate soil receiving site, provided the soil meets the applicable receiving site standards and the proper documentation is in place. Alternatively, if an appropriate receiving site is not available, this soil can be disposed at a licensed waste disposal site.
  • Any material with soil concentrations above applicable standards is considered to be waste and must be disposed of at a licensed waste disposal site, or will require an assessment of risk to determine the suitability of the material to remain at the Site coupled with any applicable risk management measures. The preliminary risk assessment completed for the site has considered current soil conditions/stratigraphy and changes to the soil conditions due to excavation and backfilling may require additional risk calculations.
wp_urbanreformSoil Management Plan (SMP)