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Urban Reform Consultant (URC) is an international engineering consultancy firm, based in Great Toronto Area-Canada, that aims to foster and grow knowledge in our society. Our Research and Publications provides a free, transparent, factual and scientific platform for anyone to use, to encourages constructive peer-review, feedback and discussions.

Since inception of URC 2006, our mission is to create value and benefit by sharing knowledge, science, engineering, while fostering the exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions. We are now accepting international participants to submit proposals in 3 languages (English, French, Arabic). By creating a free account and Profile at URC, you will be able to view, comment and publish articles in a diverse range of topics. All Materials will stay exclusive to the writer rights, and it can not be used without the consent of the writer.

Come Join! This is a great opportunity for participants to demonstrate their talents and proficiencies with strong potential to outsource and freelance their work.

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Alaa Al Tamimiتغير المناخ في العالم وأثره على البيئة الطبيعية