AL ATHEER – The Iraqi Nuclear Program ( Reality and Allegation)


This book is another aspect of a true story and historical events from a developing country that has devoted the expertise and ambition of its best scientists and engineers to build an integrated nuclear program.
It was challenging to achieve the ranks of developed countries and upgrade its economy and status among the world’s nations.
The decision to build the (Al-Atheer) project as a center for research and development of the Iraqi nuclear bomb was a critical turning point in this story and a dangerous political decision.
The book’s story was written by one of the essential leaders of this project, who was head of the Design and Supervision Authority. Story written with honesty words and details to perpetuate the hope and ability of the Iraqi people with their rights of progress and build a strong country.
The end of the story was painful with the decision to destroy and bury the project with all its facilities and contents after discovering it dramatically by the United Nations inspectors seven months after the war ended,

This uplifting Iraqi minds and gained experiences had flagged the theory of fears from some countries worldwide and its impact on their interests in the Middle East.
It resulted in a UN decision to impose a tight economic siege on Iraq; the people suffered disease, hunger, and death for 13 years, which ended with the easy invasion of Iraq by the United States with its allies and regime change.

Urban ReformAL ATHEER – The Iraqi Nuclear Program ( Reality and Allegation)

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  • Ahkam Al Taee

    Engr.Ahkam Al Taee - December 2, 2021

    Thank you, Dr. Alaa wonderful book with wonderful materials which explain the scientific level of Iraqi engineers whom they approved their excellent ability to work even under difficult circumstances.

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