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Our daily lives are hardly free from wrong and unfair practices against the environment, which are committedwithout thinking about their negative effects on oursafety and environment. And sincere revaluation for our behavior to correct these practices is promptly requested, through individual and community practical initiatives that aimed at preserving the environment.

These environmental initiatives – if correctly implemented by individuals and communities- will result in a multiple short term and long terms positive results, on all the environment aspects including humans., and these initiatives includes:

Do not litter: The random dumping of waste not only distorts the general view, but also indicates a lack of awareness of their negative effects on the environment, as well as a Wasting the possibility of investing these wastes by proper segregation and recycling in the short term, and to the  loss of the opportunity to use of resources and providing job opportunities, and improving the economic situation and social population in the long term.
Plant a tree and decorate the windows of your house with flowers: Trees planting has many environmental benefits, as improving landscaped providing shelters for birds and wild creatures, as well as purifying the air from carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, which will reduce the global warming.
Use your personal car Less: use public transportation to reduce pollutants. And if you are going to buy a car, choose a quality one. Save fuel and agree with your colleagues and friends to take turns in one car when go to work.
Stay away from smoking: protect your health and the health of others by avoiding smoking, persuading every smoker to quit as well, and introducing its health and environmental risks, etc, and emphasize the financial costs. This also the case for hookah smoking.

Also – as communities-ensure the application of smoking ban laws and report any negligence in their implementation.

Ensure the periodic maintenance of your car: in order to reduce emissions of polluting gases to the air, and also check the air pressure in your car tires, because the correct pressure saves 5% of fuel consumption.
Walk with your colleagues: Walking is fun and healthy, and introduces you to your surroundings, especially the people and neighbors around you, and it is an activity that is not harmful to the environment and people. Additionally, walking can be invested in Discovering the sources of pollution around you and respectively inform the concerned authorities to mitigate or invite a group of friends to carry out a campaign to serve the local community and get rid it of these pollutants.
Do not overuse water resources: by rationalizing their use and preserving them from pollution, and do not forget the suffering of the inhabitants of the Arab world from water scarcity. and deterioration of its quality
Preserve biodiversity: by practicing a positive environmental behavior in favor of nature reserves and by convincing the local population of its importance and benefits, and not buying shells and turtle products and reptile skins, in order to protect these species from extinction, and raise awareness in your surroundings to ban the trade of these products.
Choose recyclable products: These products packed are with recyclable materials, such as: paper, glass, and cardboard.
Remember when shopping: it is cheaper to buy long-lasting items; Because they are more durable and can be repaired repeatedly.
Optimize the use of energy sources: Excessive use of non-renewable energy sources contributes to air pollution and exacerbates the phenomenon of climate changes which are harmful to human health and to the environment.
Think sustainably: avoid throwing uselful reusable items.
Follow the environment on media: readenvironmental publishes, and express your opinion by participating with them in correcting the wrong environmental behaviors.
Contribute in building a solid environmental conscience: make wisdom and rationality two traits you possess when consuming and developing environmental resources sustainably, and contributein improving the quality of your life, and the lives of others.

khalid Al TatanchiBe environmentally friendly

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  • Urban Reform

    Urban Reform - September 3, 2021

    Thank You Eng.Khaid for publishing this article which comes in time line of Urban Reform (URC) participating today in the IUCN World Conservation Congress – the world’s largest and most inclusive environmental decision-making forum – begins today in Marseille, France, with an address by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

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