Sustainable Development of Wadi Houran- Western Iraqi Desert

study wadi foran-me&esam

This study prepared in participating of URC, represented by Dr.Kamal Y. ALmafrchi, and it was published today at Baghdad international 1st water conference 13-14 March 2021 .

This project will be announced internationally in the conference of IUCN in Marseille next september 2021 for fund allocation for this project.

It will be another new venue to be opened by  URC for Climate change and carbon tradeoffs.


Urban ReformSustainable Development of Wadi Houran- Western Iraqi Desert


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  • Mustafa Almukhtar

    Engr.Mustafa Almukhtar - March 14, 2021

    ‏A research that deserve presentation and discussion in all local and international conferences for the purpose of start with applying it to the service of society and Iraq

  • Alaa Al Tamimi

    Dr.Alaa Al Tamimi - March 14, 2021

    Appreciate the efforts of Dr.Kamal and his colleagues in keep spots of light to what ever bring IRAQ the progress in need ,

  • Ihsan Hassan

    Engr.Ihsan Hassan - March 14, 2021

    Very impressive study, thanks to the great efforts of all the participants.
    As said the quality of life is linked to the quality of water, and our major goal is to assure a continuous improvement in environmental performance and global sustainability.
    Humbly would like to add to the recommendations article of the subject study, and propose to establish the Wadi Houran Conservation Authority (WHCA).
    WHCA shall manage natural resources, organize the most effective water sheds management, flooding, drought, degraded water quality, forestation, land use – rural development, green environment and sustainability.
    WHCA will set boundaries, which include the process of managing human activities and natural resources in an area defined by watershed boundaries; that make environmental sense and which facilitate a cross-media, cumulative approach, shift towards a comprehensive, more flexible set of regulatory tools and incentives, best management practices instead of a more traditional command and control approach.
    WHCA strategy shall be based on the following approaches:-
    – shared responsibility with the regulated community, the public and the scientific/technical community, and transparent sharing of information with the public.
    – an integrated, interdisciplinary approach; considers the environment, the economy and communities,
    – a partnership approach to plan and manage,
    – adaptive environmental management that aim for continuous improvement.
    – setting guidelines , lessons learned and best practices.
    – aims to protect and manage natural resources for future generations.

  • Ahkam Al Taee

    Engr.Ahkam Al Taee - March 23, 2021

    Good study and as it will be announced, internationally in the conference of IUCN in Marseille next September 2021, then all comments and notices discussed can be used to establish a final business plan with the requirements to do & perform the study as a project.

  • Mr.Jabbar Eyada - March 27, 2021

    As a member of the study entitled “Sustainable Development of Wadi Houran- Western Iraqi Desert” I would like to thank Dr. Kamal Y. ALmafrchi for his strong support and follow up the study till the end.

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