URC Celebrating the 15 Anniversary


Urban Reform Consultant (URC) is Celebrating its 15 Anniversary with many achievements.

URC is a Professional Engineering firm established as per the law of Ontario-Canada on 15 Sept 2006 and keep continued its business and professional services throughout North America and globally.  

2020 & 2021 Main Achievements: 

· URC maintained the Engineering Services through the recognizing authority (Professional Engineers of Ontario / ); URC mainly delivers Engineering Consultancy, Project Management, and Visibility Study for the significant infrastructure project and major development projects. 

· URC was accredited for Engineering Training and as a provider for Continues Education ( CEUs) by the accrediting body (Engineering Institute of Canada /; URC designed unique Engineering Courses and nominated qualified instructors with a different method of course delivery to target trainees worldwide. 

· URC became a member of The Canadian Committee International Union for Conservation of Nature (; URC shares the experience, resources with the local and international authorities on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it. 

· URC built an online professional platform for research and publication on its official website ( Today, it includes hundreds of members sharing their discussions and ideas freely on the published research and articles; Anyone can sign up at no cost and enjoy the helpful content. 

· This year, 2021, URC started a new business plan approach to expand and registered as a Privet Career College in Ontario, Canada, under the approved operating name Canadian Engineering College (CEC). The program of Civil Engineering was submitted to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and will be followed by other programs expected next year upon the Ministry’s final approvals. 

Mustafa AlmukhtarURC Celebrating the 15 Anniversary

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